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  1. REPLY
    comment Babu Lal Muthalaly says

    Dear Princilichayan,
    I wish you all success for your new venture “”. Let it be useful to all Muthalalys. May God bless you.

  2. REPLY
    comment George Mathews says

    More history about our family and church needs to be researched and published

  3. REPLY
    comment Susan Thomas says

    Well done. ! princelychayan you have done a great job.thank you.

  4. REPLY
    comment Sonia Mathew says

    Good proud history !
    But we few people know about this.

  5. REPLY
    comment Bilby says

    Appacha, you have done a great job!!! All the best from Bilby, Suni,.Jestin & Jeffin

  6. REPLY
    comment Mathews Zachariah Muthalaly (Anil) says

    An Eye-opener especially for the contemporaries, Princely achaya, you deserve a special accolade for the relentless efforts that you have put in to bring it to this stage, I sincerely hope that our family will stand wholeheartedly behind you for a “Magnum Opus” in the making

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      comment Dr. M. G. Sasibooshan says

      The famous Iyyanadikal Thiruvadikal of Venad Kingdom to Marwan Sapir Eso of Middle East was great historical event of 9th century AD.
      The Kollakkaran Christian’s (Kallada Malayil Muthalalys)can proudly project it’s past glory through Kadeeshapalli.

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    comment എബി ജോൺ says

    ചരിത്ര സത്യങ്ങൾ, നല്ലതുപോലെ അവതരിപ്പിച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട് . ദൈവം അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടെ.

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      comment Dr. Yuhanon Mar Demitharaios Metropolitan says

      Dear Princely,
      Not many of the members of the Malankara Orthodox Church are familiar with the historical significance of the arrival of the Kadeeshagal, Mar Sabore and Mar Aphroth to the shores of Kerala in 825 AD.
      As such many important chapters of the history of these revered fathers and the families (Muthalaly Family) to the church and society have been lost to the present generation.
      It is in this context that you have worked hard to produce a history of the outreach of the Kadeeshagal and the efforts of the community in establishing Christianity.

  8. REPLY
    comment എബി ജോൺ says

    ഗ്യാലറിയിൽ മൺമറഞ്ഞുപോയ അപ്പച്ചന്മാരുടെയും അമ്മച്ചിമാരുടെയും, അതുപോലെ ഇപ്പോൾ ജീവിച്ചിരിക്കുന്ന സീനിയർ സിറ്റിസൺ ആളുകളുടെയും ഫോട്ടോസ് കൂടി ചേർത്താൽ നന്നായിരിക്കും .

  9. REPLY
    comment Jiji mol, New York says

    A big salute for taking the time and effort to make our family history.. This is the best way to reveal ourselves to the future generations. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Praying for you and Sally ammamma

    • REPLY
      comment Sanjai says

      Im Sanjai Venkadath. I hv visited your family page. It is beautifully designed. I hv searched your family history “Kudumbacharithram”. Is it available in the site?.

    • REPLY
      comment Babu Vadakebhagath. says

      What, we are lacking is historiography of our heritage.
      But your efforts in enlightening it is highly appreciable.
      Thank you for that.

  10. REPLY
    comment Valsa George says

    Hard work, determination and love for your work always pay off in the end. Wish you all the best in your endeavour

  11. REPLY
    comment Dr Biju Mathew says

    Respected Alexander Muthalaly Sir , My Big Salute to You for the dedicated and versatile work . The history of Kollam is explained along with the history of kadeesha church of Kollam with beautiful pictures and references to the travelogues. Shall I point out a suggestion . Please arrange links to the major points in this historical and valuable information with apt references so that it could help the upcoming generation to quote in their doctoral work and for other studies

    Respected Sir, i would really feel so delighted to see you as a motivating gentle man , who put efforts to care and share the information with all. Please take more effort to add more details

  12. REPLY
    comment Dr. Syera Mathews, USA. says

    Princelychaya-no words to express our gratitude for all that you did and for all that you are doing ! It was you who took the initiative to research into the history of our family and church and being to light all the information we have now. Unfortunately, we don’t have many like you who will take the initiative further. Where it some other family, they would have published a book and hit the headlines of all the major newspapers.
    But again really thankful for all you did and what you do! Surely Kadeesanmar will pray for you and bless you!

  13. REPLY
    comment Alexander Muthalaly Princely. says

    പരിശുദ്‌ധ കാദീശന്മാരുടെ ഗാനവും, മധൃസ്ഥ പ്രാർത്ഥനയും, അതിന്റേതായ തന്മയതഽത്തോടെ അവതരിപ്പിച്ച ബഹുമാനൃരായ ജോസച്ചൻ, ബഹനാനച്ചൻ, റേബ സുനിൽ, റിജു സാം, എബിൻ എന്നിവർക്ക് ഞങ്ങളുടെ ഹൃദയം നിറഞ്ഞ ഒരായിരം നന്ദി. ദൈവം അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടേ.

  14. REPLY
    comment Brigith ( Koshy Muthalaly Malayil ) says

    Hai Achaya,
    Good effort & good work.
    God bless u.

  15. REPLY
    comment Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios, Metropolitan says

    At the outset, Congratulation on your efforts for the extensive research through the legendary history of the family and publishing it for the benefit of the future generations. On this occasion we with gratitude recollected the cherished memories of my service as the Vicar of Kollam Kadeesha Syrian Church.
    Your steadfast faith and devotion to our traditions we ever remembered.

  16. REPLY
    comment Fr. JOHN SANKARATHIL says

    I would like to congratulate Mr. Alexander Muthalaly on your sincere efforts for the extensive research through the traditional history of your aristocratic family. This website will surely serve as a reference to many of the future generations who would like to study about the ancient churches and their histories. The contents in the website has inspired me a lot and was very much informative. Let our church and the members of our church get benefited through your sincere efforts in the future endeavours.

    • REPLY
      comment സഖറിയാ മാർ അന്തോനിയോസ് മെത്രാപ്പോലീത്ത. says

      A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
      ഇന്നലെകളെകുറിച്ചുളള അന്വേഷണവും പഠനവും നാളകളെ ദീപ്തമാക്കുമ്പോൾ ചരിത്രത്തിലെ വ്യക്തികളും സംഭവങ്ങളും സ്തംഭനങ്ങളും പുതുതലമുറയ്ക്ക് വഴിവിളക്കുകളായി മാറുന്നു.
      തരിസാപ്പള്ളി ഫലകത്തിൽ രേഖപ്പെടുത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട്.
      825, എഡി. യിൽ അതായത് കൊല്ലവർഷം ആരംഭിക്കുന്ന വർഷം മരുവൻ സപീർ ഈശോ എന്ന വർത്തകപ്രമാണി കൊല്ലത്ത് തരിസാപ്പള്ളി സ്ഥാപിച്ചുവെന്ന്
      ചരിത്രവായനയിലൂടെ മനസ്സിലാക്കാൻ കഴിയും.
      തരിസാപ്പള്ളിയുടെ തുടർച്ചയാണ് കാദീശാസുറിയാനിപളളി.
      കൊല്ലം കാദീശാസുറിയാനിപ്പളളി ഇടവകാഗംങ്ങളായരിക്കുന്നത് കല്ലട മലയിൽ കുടുംമ്പാംഗങ്ങളാണ്.

  17. REPLY
    comment P J Jacob ( author of family history book" Muthalaly Families of Chathannoor ". says

    Dear Princelychayan,
    First of all I congratulate you for the tremendous efforts and hardwork done by you in completing this family history website. Being a family historian I can understand the great pain taken by you in completing this website. This website is not only the history of kallada malayil family, but also the history of the early christians of kollam. This website can lead to the beginning of family histories of many more families of kollam and surrounding area. Atlast your research in family history has found fruits which will be useful to many more people who are interested in thsubject.
    Wish you all the best.

  18. REPLY
    comment Suja Mathew vaidyan says

    Achaya,You have done a great job.All the best.May God bless you.

    • REPLY
      comment Kavitha John. says

      Hai, Princelychayan Hope you are doing well. We highly appreciate your dedication and effort to glorify Muthalaly Familys legacy!
      I would definitely like my daughter to educate and give information about our family history and history of our forefathers.
      I personally believe our current generation has very little understanding about the legacy of our Family, hence pay no heed.
      I had a skin browse thru the muthalaly website, great effort 👍

  19. REPLY
    comment Shiji Malayil says

    Dear Princelychayan , excellent job,really appreciate your valuable time &contributions . It is very informative. Thanks once again.

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