“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory became a treasure”




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Date : 12/10/2008


Pappachan Muthalaly, the youngest son of Kochidichandy Muthalaly and Annamma, Ithimala Puthenveetil was born on 23rd January 1900 at Kallada, Quilon. After completing his schooling he busied himself with farming, looking after his father’s coconut and paddy farms. His other interests were managing a copra trading business and a chit fund. The chit fund had to be wound up as it was run with the assistance of Quilon Bank which went out of business due to financial problems. In the attempt to pay back all the depositors, he had to sell all his property.

He left Kallada in search of greener pastures and settled down at Kadakaman at Pathanapuram. His efforts finally found fruition at Mulavukulam estate, a 100-acre property with a variety of cash crops (Pepper  & Rubber etc). In 1928 he married Kunjamma, the eldest daughter of Varkey and Accamma of Vallavuchirackal, Puthenangadi, Kottayam.. Pappachan Muthalaly was close to Bishop Thomas Mar Divannyasus, the founder of Tabor Dayara at Pathanapuram. He was always of great assistance to the bishop and was closely associated with the clergy throughout his life. It is said that the bishop would take decisions only after consultations with Pappachan Muthalaly. M.A Achan who eventually became Bishop Mar Evanios was also a close friend of his. Mulavukulam estate was a favorite retreat of the Bishop. Pappachan Muthalaly gifted the bungalow and the property surrounding it to him. The Wreeth church was founded in that bungalow in 1945.The bishop was so appreciative of Pappachan Muthalaly’s generosity that it is believed that he used to say God has showered Muthalaly with all earthly blessings and the only thing lacking was a crown.

In 1948 he built a primary school on his land at Chekath, Pathanapuram and donated it to the government. His philanthropy found yet another avenue in providing medical assistance to the sick and needy at the mission hospital. It is not surprising that he was much loved by the people. He was approached to be the mediator to sort out family feuds and property disputes.

In 1955 he returned to Quilon and set up business again. However, the demise of his wife in 1963 devastated him. His interests turned from matters of the world to those of his immediate family. He took great pleasure in visiting his own and his wife’s relatives and offered his assistance as and when necessary. He was actively involved in the Kollam Kadeesa church as trustee and office bearer. He left this world on October 12th, 1974 at the age of 75. His remains lie in the Kadeesa Church cemetery. He is survived by his son, Princely and daughter-in-law Sally who reside at Kallada Malayil, Kottayam.


Kunjamma, the wife of Pappachan Muthalaly was born on May 24th, 1907 to Varkey and Accamma Varkey of Vallavuchirackal, Puthenangadi. Her early education was at Baker Memorial School, Kottayam; she completed her matriculation from Nicholson, Thiruvalla. At 21, she married Pappachan Muthalaly and a daughter, Omna Joseph was born to them. Unfortunately, at the age of two, the child died. It was moment of great joy for the couple when their second child, Princely, was born to them after ten years. Kunjamma was gentle, humble, and led a very simple life. She never hesitated to offer comfort to the sick and needy and readily provided financial assistance to those who needed it. A woman of great faith, she actively participated in church activities like prayer meetings and Martha-Maria Samajam. She enjoyed cooking and was well known for her culinary skills. Nimble with her hands, she enjoyed spending her spare time doing needlework. She shared her husband’s enthusiasm for being hospitable to the clergy and church officials. A patient of high blood pressure for many years, she died of cardiac arrest on June 19th 1963 at the age of 57 and was buried next to her husband at Kollam Kadeesa Church Cemetery.

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Date : 31/03/2010

Kochukoruthu Muthalaly (Kochorachan) died on 18th January 1924 (5th Makaram 1099), and Saramma Kochukoruthu Muthalaly died on 19th June 1927 (5th Midhunam 1102). Kochu Koruthu Muthalaly was the youngest of the five brothers who are the forfathers of the five branches of Kallada Malayil Muthalaly Family.


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M. I. Zacheriah Muthalaly. The 2nd among the 11 children of Kochidichandy Muthalaly, Ithimala, Puthenveetil (Mattayil), and Annamma, Amichery, Puthenveedu, Vengal, Neerettupuram, Thalavady was born on 1884.  His primary interest lay in farming. He had a boat service plying between Kollam and Kallada.  His marriage was in 1912. Saramma Injeckal, his wife is from Cherukol, Mavelikara. They had 8 children.

  1. Annamma Abraham (Kunjujamma), Chakalaparambil, Niranam
  2. Chinnamma Chacko, Kizhakkeveedu, Andoor, Kottarakkara.
  3. M.C. Alexander Muthalaly.  Quilion.
  4. Thankamma Abraham, Edvam velil, Eraveiperoor.
  5. Aleyamma John (Kunju) Malayil  Muppathil, Aymanam , Kottayam.
  6. M.C. Mathew Muthalaly, (Achenkunju) Bangalore.
  7. M.C. Zacheriah Muthalaly (Aniyan Kunju), Kallada.
  8. Akkamma Philip (Anadham) Edvamvelil, Eraviperoor.

Children of Zachariah Muthalaly.

Appachan was the senior most of his generation.  He was deeply involved in family matters and provided able guidance to all .As president of Kadeesha Syrian Church, he was respected by everyone; in the Church and family disputes his word was final.  It is said that his personality was such that nobody dared defy him; such was his commanding power. On 13th June 1966, at the age of 82 he passed away .He was buried in Kadeesha Syrian Church, Kollam.

House of Zachariah Muthalaly

Saramma Zacharia Muthalaly. Daughter of   Mathaichan  Injackal, Cherukol, Mavelikara and Mariyamma, Thyil, Thevalakkara) was born  at Mavelikara.  Her marriage to Zachariah muthalay, Kallada took place at Kadeesha Syrian Church, Kollam. Marriyamma was a house wife. She is no more .and her remains are also in the cemetery of the family Church  ie Kadeesha Church, Kollam.

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Date : 27/08/2009



  1. M.C . Alexander Muthalaly [Kunjunju], was born in 1914 as the eldest son of Mr. Zachariah Muthalaly, Ithymala Puthen Bunglow, Kallada (Mattayil)& Mrs. Saramma Zachariah Muthalaly, Injakkal, Cherukol, Mavelikkara, Alexander Muthalaly has two younger brothers and five sisters.

He studied in Thevelakkara primary school, and Government Boys high school. Kollam. After his schooling he studied Marine engineering at Kochi. Then he joined Royal Indian Navy and continued there for several years. At that time he participated in the second World war; for his honest service, Lord Mount Batten honoured him with  a medal. He was a handsome man, probably resembling his ancestors the most. Always dressed in a silk kurta with a gold chain dangling round his neck he was quite a picture. He married Annamma [Ammini] of Peedikayil house Mundakkayam in Kottayam Dist: After his marriage he worked as a Port-Officer in Nagpatnam, Chennai, and retired from their in 1946 and joined in Govt. workshop Alappuzha.

Once he left his job, he settled down in Kollam, and took care of his father’s four passenger boats (Kallada-Quilion route). At the same time he concentrated on different types of business.  Kunjunju Achayan was also a PWD, A grade contractor. His major work  was the  maintanance   of  roads starting from Kollam, The first tarring work of Kollam ie of   Chattannur Road was  done by him. Another business which he was involved with was fishing. He started with a fishing boat.  In 1960 he started his  own fishing boat building yard at Neendakara Kollam.  He was doing all types of repair and maintains work, even on Government Tugs. He was a recognized government license holder.  Later he shifted his boat yard to Kacherikkadvu, Kollam.  In 1965 Kerala Government Nationalized water Transport.  Till then he was  running the business. He had yet  another business, affectionately named after Sajitha his daughter, ie  Sajitha Match Works Thevally, Kollam.

Among Kallada Malayil Muthalay family members Achayan was a very prominent figure.  He was very involved in all family affairs and Kadeesha Syrian Church Administration.  In 1973 he built the beautiful Church facade. He lost his beloved wife Ammini on August 26th 1984.

Moran Mar Basolios Marthoma Mathews II and Achayan had a close relationship while he was the Qilon Diocese Metropolta.  Kunjuchayan was a great humanitarian.  He initiated several people into business who later became very successful.  He has helped innumerable people to get jobs.  For any service he has rendered he took nothing from the recipients in cash or kind.  He has helped many beyond his capacity.  He remains as a good example in all respect to his descendents and followers.

Alexander muthalaly died on May 15th 1986 at the age of 72 and was buried in their family vault, in Kadeesa Syrian church.


  1. M.C. Alexander Muthalaly’s Children


Sajini Thamby, Kayyalakkakam-House, Kadappakkada PO, Kollam, 691 008,

Zchariah Alex, Kallada Malyil-House, Town Limit, Kollam 691 008,

Philip Alex, Kallada Malayil-House, NewYork , USA .

Sajitha Thomas, Muthoot-House Miss Baker Raod, Kottayam, 686 001,

Saji Idiccula, Kanjirakkattu-House, Kanjikkuzhi, Kottayam 686 004,

Suja Cherian, Cheeran-House, Neelankarai, Chennai 600 041,

Anju John, Chakkalyil-House, Vadavathoor, Kottayam 686 010.

Our Mother -A Memoir

Annamma Alexander Muthalaly known to everyone as Ammini was born in 1927 to Philip and Achiyamma of Peedikayail, Mundakayam.Tha youngest of  seven siblings,she had her education first at Mundakayam High School and later at Mahilalyam , Alwaye. At 20 she married Kunjukunju ( Alexander Muthalaly)  of Kallada Malayil.

When we remember Amma, the picture that comes alive is  of a loving, kind and hospitable person, always busy with domestic chores, too busy to take even a moment off for herself. Amme made people feel welcome; if our memory serves right there were always house guests who enjoyed our hospitality. Always on her toes, cheerful and uncomplaining, she was the ideal mother. She with her many talents brought great joy to our home. A good artist who could sing, paint and embroider with equal skill, she  was unique. Her skills were multifarious; she was a great cook too! Though gifted, she was humble and unassuming. The greatest gift she gave us was she let us be; gave us freedom too grow up as individuals, a rare gift indeed!.The bond that kept the seven of us closeknit was her unconditional love, which we believe still keeps us together and affectionate towards each other.

Unlike our mother, our father was traditional and orthodox in his ways. The memories of our childhood will always have a touch of sorrow for she was only 55 when she left us and this world on 26th August 1982. That was the day we saw our father shattered; she was with him through his ups and downs, his companion for 35 years. Within a span of 4 years, our father too left us.

Their mortal remains lie in the cemetery of Kadeesa Church, Kollam Sajni, Kochumon, Ribimon, Sajitha, Saji, Suja Ans Anju.

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Date : 14/07/2009

Late Advocate M.K.Alexander Muthalaly (Kuttappan) (1900-1984), the second son of Kunju Muthalaly and Saramma, Ithimala Puthenveettil, Kallada,Quilon, started his school education at Thevalakkara School, and then comtinued at C.M.S High School Kottayam. He did his intermediate education at C.M.S College Kottayam. He graduated in Law from Madras University. He was good in sports especially in track and field events. He had a successful civil law practice at Kollam from 1930 -1961. He also held the post of “Bench Magistrate”. He was the first advocate from Kallada Muthalaly family. He also spent a lot of time developing about 18 acres of land at Kallada into a mixed plantation with coconut, cloves, nutmeg and a variety of fruit trees. He was united in Holy Matrimony with Mariamma.

Late Mariam Alexander ( 1914-1993) was the daughter of Annamma and Kurian Geevarghese, planter, Ramapattil, Pallickal, Kattanam. She was the only sister to four brothers. Ramapattil family has its roots in Niranam (Niranam Pallickallethu Kudumbam) which relocated to Kattanam in the mid 1800s. Mariam went to Nicholsan School at Thiruvalla and later to Balika Madom. Apart from academic excellence she was also in the basketball team and enjoyed knitting and dress making. She was associated with Mahila Samajam and with Y.W.C.A at Kollam.

Both Alexander and Mariamma were compassionate people.He provided free legal services to the poor. The Alexander couple relocated from Kollam to Munroe Islands in 1961 after retirement from active legal practice. They were laid to rest at the Kadeesa Church cemetery Kollam.

(Late) Kunju Makanda Sr., Saramma (Saroj), Annamma (Omana), (Late) Malayil Alexander Kunjumakanda Muthalaly (Kunjumon), Mary (Shantha), Achamma, (Late)Susan (Ashwathy) and Rachel (Geetha) are the seven children born to them.

(Late) Kunju Makanda Sr. passed away during infancy when he was about a month old.

Saroj born on 01-11-1935, was married to (Late) M.K.Varghese (Ponnachan) son of Annamma and K.M.Varghese Vakkeel, Koickaparambil, Kozhenchery. Ponnachan was a law graduate but worked as a planter and businessman at Kozhenchery. Meena(Ponnumol), Beena (Kochubava), K.M.Varghese (kunju) and K.M.Alexander (Aniyan) are their four children. Ponnumol is married to Binoy Koshy Abraham, Nellimoottil, Chavadiyil, Adoor. They are living in the Republic of South Africa(R.S.A) and are both teachers by profession. They have two sons Abraham and Mathew and four grand-children. Kochuvava married to (late) M.A.Cherian Manalil, Pathanapuram, lives in R.S.A and has a catering business. They have two daughters Liya and Sara. Kunju is a Civil Engineer and has a construction business at Kozhenchery. He is married to Sabitha from Kapyarittel, Mulamthuruthi. They have daughter Amy and ason Mathai.Aniyan a leading lawyer at Pathanamthitta is married to Jabeela, Kandathiparambil, Kollam. They have two sons Esthapan and Ouseph.

Omana born on 20-08-1938, a maths teacher by profession is married to Alex Mathew (Kunjumon) son of Sosamma and A.Mathews, Venkadathu, Kottayam. Kunjumon, a law graduate, has a banking business at Kottayam and farming activites in the suburbs of Kottayam. They have two daughters. Susan the eldest daughter, a lecturer at Mangalam Engineering College Kottayam, is married to Vinodh Ninan, Businessman, Vadakkeparambil, Pallom. They have a daughter Esha and a son Abu. Miriyam the younger daughter, is married to Navin Mathew, a management consultant, Greendale, Ekaduthangal, Chennai. They have two daughters Talia and Sanaya and one son Nathaniel. They are living in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Santha born on 02-08-1944 is married to K.C.Philipose Tharakan son of Sosamma and Cheriyan Tharakan Kalapurackal Olessa Kottayam. He is a prominent lawyer at Kottayam.They have three daughters Sheeba, Sherin and Sheela. Sheeba, the eldest, is a Lawyer married to Madhu John a business man, Valiattil, Mudiapally Mallapally. They have one son Yohan. Sherin is married to Saji John a banker, Karappara Vettiyil Kottayam. They have a daughter Melissa and two sons Kevin and Mikhael. Sheela the youngest, a chartered accountant is married to Vipin Thomas, a professional, Puthenveedu Puramattom. They have a son Thomas and daughter Lydia.

Dr. Achamma, Anesthetist, born on 20-04-1947 is married to Dr. Idiculla Karinjapally (Thambi) Orthopedic Surgeon, son of Mariamma and K.M.Koshy Karinjapally Kappil Kayamkulam. They live at Kotagiri. They have two children. Their daughter, Dr Annu Mary Idiculla, Scientist and a Laywer, is living in Republic Of South Africa. Abu Koshy Karinjapally a Chartered accountant is married to Neena, a Dentist, Chittoor Chengannoor. They have a daughter and a son.

(Late) Aswathy (29-12-1950 to 07-05-2006) was married to (Late) John Thomas (Thambi) son of Thankamma and K.K.Thomas Kanicherril Puthenveedu Thumbamon. They have three daughters Chithra, Mithra and Sumithra. Chithra the eldest is married to Philipse a planter, Vettiyil Vakathanam.They have three sons Cherian, Oommen and Thomas.Mithra is married to Santhosh Varghese, Financial consultant,from Germany. They are living in UK. They have a son Reuben.Sumithra the youngest is married to Ajay George Varghese, Business man, Bipha Devalokom Kottayam. They have two daughters Keerthana and Nandana.

Geetha born on 05-08-1957 is married to Adv.Thamby Thomas, Planter, son of Sosamma and K.V.Thomas Nechupadom Kadayiruppy,Kollencherry. They have two daughters Susan and Miriam.Susan,a Chartered accountant, is married to Abraham Thomas (Anand,) an industrial engineer,Kochukaleekal Kottayam. They have a daughter Niharika.They are living in the US.Miriam the youngest is working as a content writer in Bangalore.

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Date : 14/07/2009

Kunjumon (01-01-1941 – 14-05-1998) the second son of M.K.Alexander Muthalaly and Mariam Alexander,Thekkemalayil Kallada Quilon, graduated in chemistry from S.N.College, Kollam and has held managerial positions in Monsanto Chemical , Mindia Chemicals and Poly Olifines . He was known popularly as M.A.K. He married Mary daughter of Mariamma and justice P.I .Simon , Vadakkethalakkal , Thiruvella. They have three children Suresh, Simon and Maria. .At the time of his death he was with NOCIL as Regional Sales Manager for South India. He was laid to rest at the Kadeesa Church cemetery Kollam.

Suresh Alexander born on 20-04-1965 did his schooling in M.T.Seminary School Kottayam and Bcom from S.B.College Changanacherry. He took his PGDBA from MCC Chennai. He excelled at basketball and cricket.He is working as the Purchase manager – South Zone, with J.Thomas group at Kochi. He is married to Ronnie, a school teacher, daughter of Soosamma and K.U.Uthupu, Koduvirachirayil Thiruvarppu Kottayam.They have three daughters Ria, Reshma and Remya.

M K Simon, Planter, born on 23-03-1968 did his schooling in St.Peters Kollencherry and Rajagiri Kalamassery, and graduated (BSc Chemistry) from S.B.College Changanacherry. He completed his PGDBA from MCC Chennai. He is married to Mahima, school teacher, daughter of Saramma and Abraham Simon Kurudamannil Ayroor. They have two daughters Neha and Nandita.

Maria born on 12-09-1975, the only daughter, is married to George Elias, a Contractor, son of Sosamma and E.V.Elias, Edayathu Ayavana Moovattupuzha. Maria is a post graduate in Psychology. They have a daughter Anna and two sons Elias and Alex.

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Date : 27/08/2009

Kallada Malayil Kannittayil M.K.George Muthalaly (Georgekutty), born on 20th October 1932, was the seventh among the 10 offsprings of Kochu Kunju Koshy Muthalaly and Saramma . Saramma belonged to Vayalattusseril family of Kumarakom. M.K.George Muthalaly completed his schooling at the Thevalakkara Government High School and then turned to his passion – farming.At the age of 18, he was able to establish his farm at Kallada Malayil Vembanad, atWest Kallada .

On May 11nth 1973, he married Aleyamma, the youngest daughter of Yohannan and Rachel from the Panchiyil family of East Kallada.Their only son Brigith was born on 26th October 1975. Georgekutty was a devoted Christian and lived his entire life as a true Christian, helping the poor and the needy to the best of his ability. After a long term of illness he passed away on 9th November 1995.He was laid to rest in the family vault at the Kollam Kadeesa Church.



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M.K. Mathew Muthalaly (Roy) was born on 14th of Chingam 1114 8th of the 10 children of Koshy Muthalaly and Saramma Koshy muthalaly, Kalladamalayil (KANNITYAL), Kallada, Kollam.  Saramma belongs to Vayalattusseril House, Kumarakom, Kottayam.  After completing his education, Roy joined the  Indian Army  He was active in the Nepal- Ladakh and India- China Wars and won medals for his service.  After 15 years of service he retired from the Army. While in service, on the of  9th July 1971 he got married  to Sarakkutty  (D/o Thomas Vydhyan, Velliyot, Thevalakkara and Annamma Thomas pallichiramel, Niranam.)

Sarakutty was a High School Teacher who remained in service till her retirement in march 1998  from Govt. High School, Perungalam , Kallada.  They have two daughters.

Ansu Sara Mathews  is working as a teacher at Balikamadom, Thiruvalla.  She is married to Abraham Joseph (Ebey), younger son of K.A. Joseph, (Kaniyamtharayil, Mepral and Leelamma Joseph, Kochetttu, Thazhathangady, Kottayam.)  He is a businessman settled in. Thiruvalla Town and heads the  ‘Ebey’s Group’ of business.  They have two children, Aaron Joseph and Abiya Abraham.


Roy’s younger daughter Ashin Sara Mathews works with Traco Cables (Govt. of Kerala), Thiruvalla. Her husband Kurian Thomas (mon), the younger son of K.K. Thomas, (Kilimala, Puthenpurayil, Kaduvambhagath, Papmapdy, Kottayam and Magi Thomas Karimicheryil, Kumarakom, Kottayam) is currently working in the Finance Department of Traco Cables Thiruvalla. They have a son named Dan T. Kurian.

On 31st August1995, at the age of 57, Roy Muthalaly passed away and his mortal remains lie in the cemetery at Kadeesha Syrian Church, Kollam.